About the company

Fontus – we are a family-run tourism business. The owner’s decades of experience in various areas of tourism, from catering and hotel management to the preparation of development projects and business consultancy, and the enthusiasm of the younger generation for working in the tourism sector, led to the establishment of the company in 2008.

From our headquarters and offices in Rogaška Slatina, a renowned traditional health resort destination, we operate throughout Slovenia and occasionally abroad.

Our activities are varied. We believe that tourism and its continuous development can only be understood in depth if we are constantly in contact with individuals, customers, private and public tourism service providers, as well as those who create guidelines, develop new paths in the activity.

Basic information

FONTUS, travel organisation, agency and consultancy, d.o.o.

Ulica Zrinjskega 6, 3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

Business unit:
Customer Service Office at PE Zrinjskega 8, Ulica Zrinjskega 6, 3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

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Registration number: 3280705000 VAT ID: SI10901027
IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 8313 749 (Nova KBM d.d.)
Swift code: KBMASI2X

Main activities by NACE Rev.2 2008:
79.120 Tour operator activities – principal activities
79.110 Travel agency activities

Some of the other activities:
70.220 Other business and management consultancy services
79.900 Reservations and other travel-related activities
82.300 Organisation of exhibitions, fairs, meetings
85.590 Education, further education and training n.e.c.
85.600 Activities auxiliary to education

Fontus d.o.o. is a member of:
1. Chamber of Tourism and Catering of Slovenia
2. the Chamber of Business and Service Activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.
3. Local Action Groups LAS Obsotelje and Kozjansko

Fontus d.o.o. is licensed by
the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia:
1. a licence to engage in the activity of tour operator – number 930
2. a licence to engage in the business of selling package holidays – number 931

The range of services we offer to our clients – alone or with partner organisations:

  • LEISURE TIME AND WELLNESS, EXPERIENCES – Includes organisation and booking services for your carefree holidays, active holidays, experiences or enjoyment of various wellness services with the best providers in renowned Slovenian tourist destinations and further afield in the region (Croatia, Italy, Austria). At the same time, we can organise interesting excursions, trips or professional excursions around Slovenia – in cooperation with partner organisations.
    Our main partners are tourism companies and public organisations in the field of tourism, providers of final services to customers. At the same time, we cooperate with major tour operators such as TUI POTOVALNI CENTER – SONČEK TOURIST AGENCY, SAJKO TOURISM, PALMA – INTERNATIONAL TOURIST COMPANY and various small specialised tour operators for inbound tourism for the territory of Slovenia and the region.
  • CONSULTING SERVICE – We also offer consulting services for a wide range of travel wishes, special business and other events for individual clients as well as groups and business entities.
  • BUSINESS CONSULTANCY IN TOURISM – for hotel companies (hotel management – organisation, controlling, marketing) and more broadly for other organisations in tourism in the field of effective management and product development (institutes, destination organisations), cooperation with the University of Maribor (Faculty of Logistics) – within the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 – linking faculties with the economy in student innovative projects for social benefit. More information about our business advisory services is available HERE.

Why Fontus?

In Roman mythology, Fontus was the god of springs, fountains, wells, fountains of origin (fig.). He was the son of Juturna, goddess of fountains, water sources and springs, and Janus, god of doors, passages, new beginnings and endings.

Fontus d.o.o.’s activities are thus:

  • Fontus – Roman god – Roman Empire – the vehicle of culture and mobility
    Through the choice of the name Fontus, it represents a target orientation towards the international (European, global) market and has as its basic philosophy: “Linking tradition, good practices from the past and new, innovative and exciting ideas in tourism in the present and the future.” Fontus represents a piece of Roman culture and its mythology, which is one of the foundations of today’s society. At the same time, it was Roman culture that brought the first beginnings of baths – spas, the use of healing water sources for medical purposes and the culture of a healthy mind in a healthy body to the Slovenian territory. The Romans also (as their empire expanded) connected distant destinations by roads, thus speeding up travel, the exchange of goods, etc..
  • Fontus/Juturna = Springs
    The company’s services as a source of various interesting ideas for travel, holidays, business and other events, as well as a source of various innovative ideas in consulting for unique tourist experiences in Slovenia;
  • Fontus/Janus = gate, passage
    Our products and services stimulate the desire to make a change -figuratively, that is, to go through the “decision gate” for a good holiday experience or business event. We can also interpret the gateway/ passageway in real terms – because when you use our products or the gateway, you are using the gateway/ passageway. services go through the doors of homes, businesses, etc. in a new environment.

Fontus. A gateway to the wellsprings of travel ideas.