Payment methods

The payment arrangements for reservations and orders with Fontus (online, written order in electronic or paper form, order in the office) are generally as follows:

I. Form of payment

Customers can pay for their bookings as follows:

1. Payment by bank transfer to a transaction account

Payment for the reservation can be made by transferring the amount to our transaction account or IBAN: SI56 0400 1004 8313 749, opened with Nova KBM d.d., by means of a payment order (UPN) in physical form (bank, post office, etc.) or online or in the form of a bank transfer. mobile (online or mobile banking).
The reference or reference indicated on the tender must be used for the transfer.

II. Payment dynamics

In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, the payment of the reservation (the value of the arrangement – the order) can be made in 2 ways:

1. When the time until the start of the arrangement is longer than 30 days, payment can be made in two (2) instalments, as follows:

  • First (1st) instalment (deposit) – 30% of the value of the package – the services ordered (or the value as stated in each offer), immediately upon confirmation of the booking/order.
  • The balance within the time limit as specified in each offer or order confirmation.

2. When the time between confirmation and the start of the stay is less than 30 days, a payment of 100% of the value of the package or services ordered is due at the time of confirmation.

III. Receipt of payment

Once the deposit or 100% of the order has been paid, you will receive a Contract – Order Confirmation form with the specific items of the order.

You will also receive a voucher – a referral voucher containing the following information – within the time limit specified in the offer:

  1. Name, address and telephone number of the service provider (legal or natural person)
  2. Address of the property (apartment, hotel, etc.) or the location of the service ordered
  3. Name and address of the reservation holder (the person making the reservation)
  4. Number of persons/names of guests using the service indicated in the booking
  5. Description of the service paid for, start and end date(s) of the service
  6. A note on tourist tax and other mandatory surcharges, which you can arrange directly with the provider