Slovenia, the land where health is at home

Natural healing factors in Slovenia’s natural spas and health resorts

The thermal mineral waters of Slovenia are so different! They are linked to the ancient sea of the Pannonian Plain, to the mysterious springs of water by a cold mountain lake or by the warm Adriatic Sea.

The composition and effects of thermal-mineral waters have been extensively studied. The scientifically proven effectiveness of the waters is complemented by favourable climatic conditions and other natural healing factors.

These include mud and brine – aquamaders from salt pans along the Adriatic Sea, natural peat from the ancient Pohorje, various peloids and aerosols, the healing mountain or sea climate, and other local factors. Many of the programmes also include drinking Slovenia’s unique mineral waters. The pleasant temperatures of the spa resorts, with plenty of sunshine or the shade of mighty forests, contribute to your well-being.

Natural factors are integrated into cutting-edge individual programmes that combine ancient wisdom with state-of-the-art medical approaches.