“Richness of mind and spirit”, Obsotelje and Kozjansko – an adventure trip


A programme that takes visitors through the diversity of creativity of the people of Obsotelje and Kozjansko from the ancient past to the present day. It looks at forms of everyday creation (crafts, specific industrial activities), spatial design (architecture and landscape architecture, built heritage), visual and musical arts, culture and spirituality.


Art – visual, musical, literary
Architectureand landscape architecture – history, present; built heritage
♦ Medievalsquares – Pilštanj, Lemberg

♦Personalcrafts (organ building) and manufacturing (glass making, cosmetics)
♦Richcultural life & amateur culture
♦Stories ofthe area that have shaped people’s lives
♦Centresfor strengthening spirituality – pilgrimages

Duration: all year round, most recommended from March to November.


A mixture of natural features and a wide range of economic, political and cultural influences has left the destination with a diverse trace of the creativity (tangible and intangible) of local people and a diverse range of newcomers.

The day begins with an introduction to spiritual values, visiting one of the still alive and functioning spiritual temples, which is also an important monument of Renaissance or Baroque architecture in the region and in Slovenia (St.Rok with Calvary – Šmarje pri Jelšah, Svete Gore).

You can get to know the vibrancy of life and architectural features of settlements in the past by visiting one of the medieval squares (Podsreda, Pilštanj, Lemberg, Rogatec) and castles or manor houses (Podsreda Castle, Strmol Manor House).

After a midday break with lunch in a special setting, we will see the creation of special products that bring the name of the area to the world (glassmaking, organ making, other handicrafts). And don’t miss a visit to the ambiance, which is the result of a special natural source – healing mineral water. The spa park and the varied architecture of the buildings, which still welcome many guests, also testify to the strong influence of foreigners in the development and creation of the area. Whether listening to the sounds of the promenade music or admiring the gallery exhibition, you can experience a piece of a completely different world from the one around you. But the day ends with culinary specialities that reflect the diversity of the destination and the creativity of the current generations of restaurateurs, and a slice of the cultural pulse of the current generations (music, song, dance, etc.).

TWO AND MULTI-DAY PROGRAMMES include a stay and further proposals to discover the creative aspects of life in Obsotelje and Kozjansko, as well as opportunities to enrich your own mind and spirit.


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    enoposteljna sobaveč sobotroška posteljicabalkondodatni obrokizavarovanje rizika odpovedi

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    Poslujemo v skladu s Splošnimi pogoji poslovanja.
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    The destination of Obsotelje and Kozjansko with its centres – Rogaška Slatina, Podčetrtek, Rogatec, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Kozje, and Bistrica ob Sotli – offers interesting experiences for both day visitors and those who choose to stay longer.

    The programmes prepared for the EXPERIENCES offer insights into the different areas of the connection between nature and man and the richness of the creativity of the many generations that have lived here.

    The programmes are designed to accommodate the number of visitors (individual guests – groups of up to 5 people, smaller groups – up to 15 people, larger groups – over 15 people), the desired length of stay (half- and one-day programmes, two- and multi-day programmes), and the varied interests and purposes of the visit (from discovering the richness of nature, cultural, historical and ethnological sights and features, relaxation, health-enhancing and fun activities, to sporting and recreational activities, etc.).

    The content of the programmes is also adapted to the seasons, and the most recommended times of the year are indicated for each programme presented.

    The experience programmes “Obsotelje and Kozjansko na palm”, “Days in the countryside”, “Richness of mind and spirit”, “Nature energises and heals”, “Peek into the pot” and “On the move” are tailor-made according to the basic characteristics of the interested parties.

    The programmes were developed in the framework of the project “TROK – TOURISTIC OVERVIEWS OF OBSOTELJE AND KOZJANSKY”, where Fontus, as the project promoter for the design and marketing of integral tourist products of Obsotelje and Kozjansko, was a candidate for the 1st. the public call “LAS Obsotelje in Kozjansko” for the selection of projects for the implementation of the Local Development Strategy 2007-2013, and was selected for co-financing by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MAFF) within the framework of the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2007-2013 (RDP RS) LEADER.

    The project catalogue is available HERE.

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